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The FOR ARCH figures are newly audited by Amasia Expo

As part of further internationalization of the largest Czech construction trade fair, the figures of FOR ARCH are now audited by Amasia Expo, a UFI-authorized auditing agency, which has successfully audited the 2014 edition of the fair. FOR ARCH thus continues to confirm its status of an international event and to further expand its foreign business activities. The FOR ARCH trade fair is now newly represented also in Austria, Lithuania and China.   (10.4.2015)   read more >>

B2B meetings at FOR ARCH will open the European construction market to Czech companies

The FOR ARCH international building trade fair is taken to a new level this year. Besides exhibition area, on which companies can primarily address end customers, FOR ARCH now offers participation in events that enable construction companies to expand their business to the Czech Republic as well as abroad. This year, Matchmaking Business Meetings (MBM) and the third edition of Matchmaking FOR ARCH will connect accredited attendants with both Czech and foreign exhibitors through a set of organized meetings. FOR ARCH, the largest trade fair of the building industry which takes place on Sept 15-19, 2015, offers this opportunity to Czech exporters for free.   (24.3.2015)   read more >>

FSDays 2015, this year with a new concept

The 7th edition of the PRAGUE FIRE & SECURITY DAYS trade fair (FSDays 2015), a fair for the latest trends in fire-fighting and security technologies, systems and services, will be held on Sept 15-19, 2015 in PVA EXPO PRAGUE in Letnany, Prague, simultaneously with the FOR ARCH trade fairs series.   (16.3.2015)   read more >>

Jan Hamáček has also granted auspices to the FOR ARCH building trade fair

The popularity as well as quality of the FOR ARCH trade fair is increasing every year. The number of prestigious auspices granted to the event proves that – another one is of Jan Hamáček, President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, who has expressed his support to the 26th edition of FOR ARCH. This year's FOR ARCH international trade fair has obtained its already sixth auspice of an eminent representative of the Czech political scene. After Miloš Zeman, President of the Czech Republic, Bohuslav Sobotka, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Karla Šlechtová, Minister of Regional Development, Jan Mládek, Minister of Trade and Industry, and Milan Štěch, President of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, it is now also Jan Hamáček, President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, who has become a patron of the FOR ARCH trade fair.   (24.2.2015)   read more >>

Water heating costs hundreds of EUR. Learn how to save money at the FOR THERM fair

Czech people are thrifty when it comes to heating. But as far as water heating is concerned, they are less economical, even though heating of water comprises a large portion of a household's yearly energy expenses. The average four-member family uses 73 cubic meters of water each year (i.e. 50 liters of water per person each day). Heating of such an amount of water costs hundreds of EUR, depending on the heating source and on the habits of the family. It is important to take into consideration all the financial parameters and consequences of the individual solutions when you are choosing your water heating system. New technologies will be presented by both Czech and foreign manufacturers at the FOR THERM trade fair, which will take place on 15-19 September, 2015, in the PVA EXPO PRAGUE exhibition center in Letnany, Prague, Czech Republic. Professionals in the fields of heating, AC, chimney systems and alternative energy sources will take part in the concurrent conference.   (12.2.2015)   read more >>

The 2015 FOR ARCH trade fair under the auspices of the President of the Czech Republic

The 26th annual FOR ARCH, the most attended Czech building trade fair, which will take place in September 2015 at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE fairground, will be exceptional. The event will be held under the auspices of Milos Zeman, the President of the Czech Republic; Bohuslav Sobotka, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic; and Milan Stech, the President of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. These auspices are yet another evidence that the FOR ARCH trade fair is the top event of the Czech building industry.   (7.1.2015)   read more >>

FOR THERM, a trade fair for heating, alternative sources of energy and AC, gains support of REHVA, the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and AC Associations

REHVA represents more than 100.000 engineers from 26 European countries and helps the FOR THERM trade fair one more step further in 2015. As part of the cooperation, the 6th annual FOR THERM is included in the official list of REHVA, and REHVA will, from its position of a professional partner, take part in preparation of the accompanying program, which will be attended among others by prof. Ing. Karel Kabele, CSc., the president of REHVA. The main topic of the 2015 FOR ARCH is Energy Efficiency of Buildings, and FOR THERM follows with its topic Efficiency of Heating. We believe that this cooperation will yield new perspectives on the given topic.   (6.1.2015)   read more >>

Further cooperation of the FOR ARCH bulding trade fair with CEEC Research, an analytical and research company

Year 2015 will see a second year of cooperation between the FOR ARCH building trade fair and CEEC Research, a leading research company specialized in studies and surveys of the construction market. This cooperation started in 2014 at the 25th annual FOR ARCH fair in 2014, whose accompaying program included the 4th Conference of Directors of Project Design Companies organized by CEEC Research. The conference was attended by more than 400 representatives of project design and construction companies who discussed the current situation in the building market and the legislature with the representatives of the government and leading investment organizations.   (19.12.2014)   read more >>

Outer window blinds reduce energy expenses by up to 10%

Calculation of operation costs is crucial in every construction or reconstruction project. Coatings are insulated, apertures are filled and more efficient sources of heating are installed. Another way to save expenses is to install quality outer blinds – according to the study of the European Solar-Shading Organization, outer shading equipment can save up to 10 per cent of energy costs. Light and heat in a room can be regulated using blinds, which leads to reduction of heating costs in winter and to reduction of air-conditioning expenses in summer.   (18.12.2014)   read more >>

Wooden buildings are popular all around the world. Czech buyers are hesitant, though they can be granted up to 550.000 CZK

Though wood is used as building material more and more and the demand of the public for this type of buildings is increasing every year, wooden buildings still comprise a very little portion of the Czech construction market compared to the international standard. It is lack of knowledge that can be blamed for only little employment of wood for both detached houses and apartment buildings. People have distorted ideas about the lifespan of wooden buildings, which, if the wood is treated correctly, is not threatened by fire, pests, gnawers and fungi. Unarguably, wood´s big advantage is that it is a natural material that creates a comfortable climate in the interior of the building and it has a positive effect on the human psyche without being a burden to the environment. The aim of FOR WOOD, a trade fair for wooden buildings and utilisation of wood, is to challenge these delusions.   (15.12.2014)   read more >>

Project designers and builders are unprecedentedly busy – dozens of thousands of people seek inspiration at FOR ARCH

Civil engineering is growing and the number of projects will increase even in years to come, according to directors of building companies. The capacities of project and construction companies are full to an extent which is unprecedented in history (87% and 90% respectively), and the prices of their work will most likely go up. We therefore expect that this year‘s FOR ARCH will see yet another record in the number of attendants – higher prices will make people resort to self-help and looking for inspiration at FOR ARCH. Most of the visitors of FOR ARCH are residents of Prague and Central Bohemia. They account for 66 per cent of attendees. For manufacturers and suppliers from the construction sector, the trade fair is a great opportunity to present their products to both professionals and the general public. More and more people are interested in the GRAND PRIX price – a trophy for the best exhibition at the fair. In 2014, judges were choosing from forty-six exhibitions and products the one that contributes the most to the given sector.   (3.12.2014)   read more >>